Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Introduction to Trimix Injections

The trimix injections are special formulations which are used for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease which is experienced by a lot of males. This disease is characterized by the difficulty of maintaining an erection. Older people find it very hard to have upright sexual organs especially during sexual intercourse. The same is true with individuals who are experiencing various factors such as stress, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other complications. In the past, people take various medical drugs in so that their problem with their sexual organs could be solved. However, studies have proven the effectiveness of three main chemicals. These things are combined in order to produce one formula which is injected into the penile area.

How the Trimix Injections Works

People often wonder how medical substances, like trimix injections, help treat erectile dysfunction. First, it should be remembered that the testes becomes very hard because of blood. If the penis does not firm enough, it would be very hard for it to get inside the female vagina. The goal of the injected formula is to increase blood flow. That goal could be achieved by the three main ingredients of the Trimix. After all, it is known as a three-drug cocktail. Its three main components are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. They are the best chemicals out there that could really help diseases such as erectile dysfunction. Alprostadil, one of the components, is a prostaglandin. It really helps the smooth muscle tissues in the penile area to be relaxed. Oftentimes, various factors make the tissues very stiff. Once these things have contracted, it would be very hard for blood to flow smoothly into the testes area. Papaverine, on the other hand, directs blood to flow to the corpus cavernosum area. Phentolamine produces direct vasolidation. This means it increases the size of the arteries so that more blood could get buff up the penis and make it hard for sexual intercourse. The effects usually become evident just a few minutes after trimix has been injected. In order for the formula to work properly, other medical drugs that might disrupt the effects should not be taken.

Rules when Taking Trimix Injections

The following are some of the most important rules when using trimix injections. Each rule should definitely be followed in order to avoid further complications in the future. Most people suffer from side effects and other problems because they do not know how to use the injections properly. The first rule is to avoid overuse. People should only use the least amount that could make their penises hard enough. Of course, no one wants to have stiff sexual glands for a very long time. Another thing is that overuse could cause adverse side effects.  The second rule is to consider moderation. There are some individuals who are very active when it comes to sexual activities. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to use have trimix injected every day. If possible, trimix should only be used not more than three times in a week.
Even if a person is very active sexually, he should at least consider injecting the formula once every two days. The third rule is not to hesitate for medical consultation. If users have experienced pain or discomfort, they should consult their doctors right away. This is so that they could determine if they could still use the trimix injections or not. Frequent visits to the hospital will also make it easier to determine any problems in the groin, penile, and prostate area.

Considering Some Important Factors

In order for the substances to take effect, it is important to consider some factors. Most people are puzzled why the trimix injections are not working. There is a huge possibility, that there are some factors that hinder the positive results. For example, it is important for a person not to be stressed during the injection process. If he has been stressed because of certain activities prior to sexual intercourse, there is a huge chance for the trimix not to take effect.
To combat this problem, the formula should only be injected when a person is relaxed. This should also be done in order for the trimix compound not to be wasted. If a person has already achieved ejaculation before the injection, it will be very hard for him to achieve erection again. It is also necessary to inject the compound at the right location which is the top right or top left part of the testes. These things should not be taken for granted. After all, the trimix injections are among the most effective medical drugs out there.